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SGT has revised the rates per miles

Always interested to give you more, SGT has revised its rate per miles..

In addition to the many benefits we already have such as group insurance, $ 200 worth of clothing per year, an experience bonus of up to $ 7000 and more, SGT offers you:

An average rate of $ 0.53 / mile for drivers in the international division ;

An average rate of $ 0.57 / mile for our drivers on the East Coast of the United States ;

An average rate of $ 0.65 / mile for our flatbed drivers

Including :

A minimum of 400 miles paid / day, GUARANTEED

Your waiting time PAID

Drop, pick up and switches PAID

Owner-operators are also welcome at SGT

Our international division owner-operator have an average rate of $ 1.56 / mile ;

Our East Coast owner-operator have an average rate of $ 1.73 / mile

Contact us to get all the details